About Nicole


If your here, your wanting to know a little more about me, Nicole.

I am a mum of two little babes, 5 & 1.
I haven’t always been into health and fitness but during my first pregnancy and after having baby number 1 (Milla) I gained a lot of weight. I didn’t exercise and I consumed far too many calories each day! Mostly from fast foods and binge eating. I’ve always loved veggies, but I smothered them in sauces and my portion sizes were way to BIG!
I had no idea about nutrition or even what calories were.

I’ve joined a number of gyms over the years but hardly left the cardio machines. It wasn’t until I won a free personal training session, I used weights for the first time… and I actually enjoy the session. I walked out motivated to give weights a go. It didn’t last to long before my motivation was gone. I had no idea what I was doing.

A friend got me back into competitive netball, I was really unfit and overweight, so I knew if I want to play at my best, I needed to lose some weight and get fit. I had a set of dumbbells, a kettle bell and a medicine ball so I googled some workouts. I also started regular walking and running.

My exercise was becoming a daily habit, I was getting fitter, but my weight was barely moving. I started googling calorie tracking. It was trial and error to begin with but after a while I found it quite easy. Learning along the way, I was seeing results. It was my biggest motivator to keep going.

Before I knew it, the weights I had were easy and I needed something more challenging. This is when I decided to join a gym. This time it was different. I had a bit of an idea of what I was doing, and I was committed to netball and being fit and healthy to run around with my kids. I went in the mornings for two reasons – MUM LIFE (during the day isn’t practical with a child and at night your tired.) and I just needed to get it done before I could talk myself out of it!

I lost over 25kgs by having a regular and consist training program and tracking my food intake. I didn’t restrict any foods and I enjoyed chocolate almost every day. I shared my results on an Instagram account I made and soon I had messages coming in with people asking for advice and wanting to know how I was doing it.
It was then I realised so many people are unsure just like I was. So many people needed help. This is when I studied my cert III & IV in fitness. I wanted to be able to help these people with the right qualifications.

Since completing my fitness certificates I have seen a need for clients to also need help with their nutrition to truly achieve their goals.
With my clients in mind, I took on further study to complete my cert IV in weight management.

While studying to become a health coach I had baby number 2 (Kenzie). My knowledge allowed me to provide my body with the nutrient it needed during pregnancy without having to track my intake. Instead, I was mindful of portion sizes and the actual foods I was consuming. Since having Kenzie I have been able to return to my pre-pregnancy weight using consistent exercise and tracking my food intake.

I have completed my certificated in Applied Sports Nutrition and have become an accredited Sports Nutritionist.

I want to be able to teach my clients how to flexible diet, enjoy life and achieve their goals.

Be your own motivation